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Extrusion temperature*: 195-210°C
Bed temperature: 90-100°C
Extrusion multiplier: 0.8-0.9
*This value is only valid for Solidoodle printers

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a common type of plastic filament used in reprap-based 3D printers, such as the Solidoodle.

ABS can come in many colors, such as Natural Off-white, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, and even Glow-In-The-Dark formulas.

Common filament diameters are 3mm and 1.75mm The solidoodle and most other similar 3d printers use 1.75mm ABS filament.

[edit] Printing with ABS

ABS is relatively easy to print with, as it solidifies rapidly thus reducing drooping in overhangs and bridges, and then it becomes resistant and durable. However, it is subject to warping and delamination, as it shrinks significantly while cooling. In order to prevent such effects, a heated printbed is recommended, and possibly printing with a raft or brim. It also helps to cool down the parts slowly, for example by leaving them in the printer with the hood on, or in a mildly heated oven.

ABS has a density of 1.04 grams per cubic centimeter, so a 1kg spool should be about 962cc. The nominal cross-sectional areas of 1.75mm and 3mm round filaments are .02405 and .07069 square centimeters, respectively. Divide the volume by those areas and you get a length of 39976 centimeters / 1311 feet for 1.75mm and 13603 centimeters for 3mm.

The Solidoodle prints about 10 cubic centimeter per hour at .3mm layer thickness.

[edit] Dangers of ABS

While printing, ABS produces fumes that are generally tolerable but can be dangerous for people and animals with breathing difficulties or sensitivity to chemicals

[edit] ABS Filament Suppliers

Solidoodle offers a selection of ABS filament through their online store. However it can be useful to have multiple resources available if you need a color that's not available.

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