Calibration of the flow rate

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Below is a link to Set the flow rate.

NOTE: The information provided in the below link was based on a nozzle diameter of .35mm. As the newer SD printers are now coming with a .40mm nozzle a simple 120% of nozzle diameter should get you closer to the desired results. The issue is die swell - when you push a polymer through a hole, it swells a bit on the other side due to compressive stresses. The effects aren’t completely linear (which is what a percentage like 120% would represent), but they can be approximately linear. Therefor shooting for a single wall thickness of .48mm will yield better print results than .42mm. This will also mean changes to extrusion width's to .48 (if using Sli3r) in your print profile will be necessary. I have found that using 120% of nozzle diameter for extrusion width works well for nozzles ranging from .35mm up through .60mm

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