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Early batches of Solidoodle shipped with exposed electronics on the rear of the machine. Several options have since become available to protect and/or cool the electronics.


[edit] Official Solidoodle Electronics Cover

Solidoodle modified their design so that all printers shipped from the end of September would have an electronics cover.

So far, Solidoodle have not released the STL file to the general public. There is also no images of the electronics cover available in any blog posts on their site.

[edit] TCfea's Snap-on Electronics Cover

Solidoodle owner TCfea has released a simple five piece snap on cover. It is available on Thingiverse.

[edit] Lawsy's Magnetic Electronics Cover

Electronics case by Lawsy

Solidoodle owner Lawsy has released a robust electronics cover design to take two 30mm fans for cooling.It uses 1/4 x 1/4 inch cylinder magnets to mount it to the rear of the Solidoodle and has an opening for all factory cables plus space for a ribbon cable to exit towards a Panelolu.

The STL for the cover is available on Thingiverse.

Another version of Lawsy's cover is available, which has been revised to take a 40mm fan and includes a slot for a SDSL card reader. It is available at Tinkercad. The model can be edited there to include or remove the SD card slot, and the feet can be cut out to fit whatever size magnets are at hand.

Derivative of Lawsy's Cover

Further instructions can be found on Soliforum.

[edit] Cooling the Electronics Without a Case

Users such as zimmer62 have added a fan to cool the electronics, without printing a case. For an image of this type of setup, see the thread on Soliforum.

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