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When trying to get ABS prints to stick to the platform, traditionally kapton tape has been used to assist in adhesion. This tape needs to be kept clean with acetone to perform at its best.

Users having trouble getting parts to stick had previously posted about using fine sandpaper to abrade the kapton tape and give it a subtle texture. This was said to improve ABS adhesion.

In August 2012, Thingiverse user phineasjw posted up a thing called Miracle Print Adhesion Improver. The thing etailed the use of hairspray on the heated bed to assist with ABS adhesion.

This technique has since been adopted by many 3D printing enthusiasts. Although a specific brand was identified by phineasjw, users have since found that many brands of hairspray work just as effectively. It is believed that the fine texture the spray gives helps with adhesion, but completed parts still retain the smooth underside where they were in contact with the bed.

Solidoodle users experimenting with glass beds have discovered that kapton tape can be omitted if hairspray is used, saving time, effort and money.

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