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This is a list of hardware that is compatible with the Solidoodle, so if something breaks, you don't need to resort to the official spare parts. Or you can use this to improve the solidoodle.


[edit] Electronics

  • Stepper drivers are independent from the mainboard. The original are named Pololu A4988
    • Compatible drivers are the SureStepr SD8825 (requiring configuration in the firmware) SureStepr SD8825

[edit] Mechanical parts

[edit] Connectors

  • The original hotend connectors are TE Connectivity MTA-100 connectors. The color corresponds to the wire size. Original connector genders are not the same: the thermistor (blue) connector is male, whereas the heater (red) connector is female.

[edit] Movement Parts

[edit] Belts and pulleys

Belts and pulleys used in the X and Y axes are MXL pitch from Stock Drive

[edit] X and Y carriages

[edit] Motors

[edit] Extruder

[edit] Extruder body

[edit] Hotend

The hotend in the older Solidoodle model was a Makergear hotend (1.75mm filament size, 0.35mm nozzle). They changed the design a bit in the future releases, but they should still be compatible

[edit] Kapton Tape

Ebay is cheap and good. has local stores that can get it in a couple of days.

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